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Party Trays

Enjoy Foodstuffs signature party trays made to order. Simply contact your local Foodstuffs to order
All party trays require 48-hour notice.
All items are subject to availability.

Crudite Tray

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Mediterranean Tray

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Fresh seasonal vegetables arranged around a hollowed acorn squash filled with one of our famous dips
• 49.99 (serves 8-12)     • 69.99 (serves 15-20)

Foodstuffs hummus served with baked spanikopita, marinated baby mozzarella, vegetarian dolmades, kalamata olives, marinated tomatoes and pita triangles
• 79.99 (serves 8-12)     • 109.99 (serves 15-20)

Fruit & Cheese Tray

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Fresh Fruit Tray

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Your choice of any three cheeses (soft goat, baby Swiss, gouda, St. Andre, cotswold, Brie or Australian cheddar) with dried apricots, cranberries and figs, grapes and strawberries; served on a wicker tray
• 79.99 (serves 10-15)     • 99.99 (serves 15-20)
(does not include crackers)    

Seasonal sliced fruits and berries artfully arranged to show the bounty of the season; served with either chocolate sauce or strawberry yogurt for dipping 
(berries based on availability)
• 59.99 (serves 8-12)     • 79.99 (serves 15-20)  

Gourmet Cheese Tray
(Custom Made In Store)

Satay Platter

A selection of any gourmet cheeses from our cheese department, beautifully garnished and arranged on a tray; 
crackers and breads are available at an additional cost
• market price (does not include crackers)

Chicken satay and teriyaki beef brochettes accompanied by red bell peppers and cucumber slices, served with peanut and teriyaki sauces 
• 159.99 (serves 15-20) 

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Shrimp Platter

Chilled Beef Tenderloin Tray

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Gulf shrimp cleaned, deveined and served
with our homemade cocktail sauce; choose from
either grilled or poached
• 119.99 - jumbo -  serves 10-15 (approx. 45 shrimp)
• 99.99 - large - serves 10-15 (approx. 45 shrimp)

Seasoned beef tenderloin, roasted medium rare, sliced and arranged on a wicker tray; served with your choice of 
honey mustard sauce or horseradish cream sauce
• 49.99/ lb  
(3 lb minimum - approximately2-3 servings per pound)

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Poached Salmon Tray

Grilled Chicken Breast Platter

Norwegian salmon gently poached in court bouillon, beautifully decorated and garnished; served with cucumber dill sauce
• 23.99/lb - whole salmon
(sizes available 5-12 lbs) (approx. 2 servings/lb)
• 29.99/lb - whole boneless
(sizes available 4-8 lbs) (approx. 3 servings/lb)
• 29.99/lb - boneless side
(sizes available 2-4 lbs) (approx. 3 servings/lb)

Harrison’s all-natural, free range chicken breast marinated with your choice of fresh herbs, honey lime, lemon pepper or any other foodstuffs flavor, sliced and arranged on a tray
• 20.99 / lb  
(3 lb minimum - approximately 2-3 servings per pound)

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Meat & Cheese Tray

Roll Sandwich Tray

Foodstuffs roasted turkey breast, smoked turkey breast, honey baked ham, seasoned roast beef and a selection of sliced cheeses (swiss, cheddar and provolone); artfully arranged with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives, pickles, dijon mustard, mayonnaise and a selection of our rolls
• 99.99 (serves 8-12)     • 169.99 (serves 15-20)     • 209.99 (serves 20-25)

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Made on our buttercrust or whole wheat grain rolls, 
choose from the californian, sorry charlie, Foodstuffs stampede or pomodori; arranged and garnished on a wicker tray
• 99.99 (serves 8-12)     • 169.99 (serves 15-20)  

Wrap Tray

Lox & Bagel Tray

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Choose any three varieties: roasted vegetable, chicken caesar, grilled buffalo chicken, smoked turkey and havarti, roast beef and cheddar or chicken cobb; wrapped in your choice of traditional, whole wheat or spinach
• 119.99 (serves 8-12)      • 139.99 (serves 10-15)   

Hand-sliced nova lox, sliced Bermuda onions, tomatoes, European cucumbers, cream cheese and fresh bagels displayed and decorated on two trays
• 169.99 (serves 10-15)     • 199.99 (serves 15-20)  

Signature Pastry Tray

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Foodstuffs Cookie Tray

A selection of our pastries including chocolate dipped brownies, monster bars, black & white squares, chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookies, buttercream sandwich cookies and pinwheel shortbread
• 129.99 (serves 15-20)

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An assortment of mini homemade chocolate chip,
oatmeal raisin and sugar cookies
• 59.99 small (serves 15-20) 

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